What we do

And why we do it better

We make photographs, in and out of the water. We design websites, we curate social media, we make accreditations, photobooths. We offer archives of images, i.e., photographs, and we teach photography. Above all, we find solutions. We offer what we call 360°, all-around service managing of any kind of event. Since 1987, we have been poolside at the main national and international aquatic events, and we have become a worldwide icon of sports photography and sport-events management. We love doing new—and daring— things, and, over time, we have become a point of reference for professional photography, from natural to industrial to architectural. If there’s a way, we’ll find it.
If there isn’t, trust us to think of one.

We were born from aquatic photography

Why do we do it better than others? Because we’ve been doing it for 20 years, at all levels. We have a close connection with the Athletes we take portaits of, since we have followed their careers from the first. Water Flows in Our veins, but now we are the go-to professionals for any kind of photography. We  love our work, and we are excited and ready to go at the start of every  new assignment, just as we were at  the very beginning of our story.

Photo management is our passion

We take care of photo and video coverage for any sized event, from  small to huge. With more than twenty years of experience in aquatic events, we know all the ins and outs, including  how they take place, what their critical factors are, and how to place our photographers in the best, most strategic places to take their photographs — and we  never interfere with the races.

We’re insightful communicators

In the world of water, we’re insiders. We know the rules, the players, the dynamics. The gossip too. Being part of the scene makes us know exactly what to communicate, to whom, and how. We’re official social managers of the Len Champions League and we take care of any aspect of their trade, from the shooting to the final publishing, to official channels, and finally to the exciting world of their fans..

Not an ordinary photo school

Giorgio is a passionate photographer, tireless traveler and nature lover. These attributes, together with his natural communication talent, make him an excellent photography teacher. In 2009, he launched the DBM school, where he gives lessons and organizes photo outings with his students (who often become his collaborators).

Avant-garde streaming

Our idea of video streaming is that  less is more.
We always  rethink the production as something different from the TV broadcasting. We offer a high quality streaming service at the lowest price. We use only state-of-the-art and perfectly-maintained equipment. This allows us maximum efficiency at minimum cost. 

Archives made easy

This includes both digital and analog. We also offer a unique service, the conversion of analog shots with specific and dedicated scanning equipment, restoring photographs if needed and inserting metadata into files. This makes the client’s searching and cataloguing as fast, easy and effective as possible.

We pioneer accreditations

We experimented with QR code in 2009
, when hardly anybody used them. For our clients, we built a database where you can register once and maintain access without ever repeating the procedure again. Furthermore, our databases always remain property of our clients.

In loco sell: the charm of printed photographs

Whether it’s a private pool party or a great international competition, we shoot, print and sell our pictures during the event.  In the digital era, nothing is more fascinating than a printed shot available in real time.

We make photo booths

We can set up photo booths virtually anywhere. We print and deliver our product, i.e. our photographs,  in real time, allowing our clients to offer the best services to their clients.

We make virtual staging.

We create 2D rendering that introduce our clients to their potential environment  of Sport Centers.
Being the owner of the images, we can simulate any kind of light condition and Activity taking place in the virtual venue.


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