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We are photographers. We are communicators. We are journalists. We are designers, We are social media managers, videographers and events-designers. Should you  need anything else, we can usually do that too.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility.  Our goal is alway to find solutions, to make easy things that have been deemed “ impossible”.
All of a sudden one day, standing in front of Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus”, Giorgia Scala understood that human beings were born with water inside their DNA.

He was appointed official Photographer of FINA (International Swimming Federation) and LEN (European Swimming Federation), then­­­­­­­ went on to found his company, based on the most common substance in the whole globe, water.

We love aquatic sports as a part of  nature, like architecture and anything else that leaves us breathless, like the Italian renaissance masterpiece. In over  20 years of experience on the field, our company has learned that any mention of impossible means, to DBM, “let’s try”

The heart of DBM

Giorgio Scala

Giorgio Scala was born in Rome the year in which Ham the Chimp beat Yuri Gagarin to be the first primate into space. Some say that Giorgio learned to swim before learning to stand. As a teenager, his grandfather gave  him his first Reflex camera: a Pentax MX. In 1982 he sold his first photos.

A couple of  years later, he set up an aquarium-like case using glass and plexiglass, equipped it with two cameras, and shot his first “over-under water photos”.  That kind of work led to a contract to illustrate an encyclopedia called “Conoscere il Nuoto” (“Learning about Swimming”),  published  by Rizzoli. He invested his earnings in two Nikon cameras, and since then, he has always used that   brand. At that time, he began his collaboration with the “gotha” of the Italian aquatic scene: Novella Calligaris, the two Dennerlein brothers, Klaus di Biasi and Giorgio Cagnotto, Gianni Lonzi and Rumi Cucchetti. In 1989, when Giorgio Lamberti set his 200 freestyle world record in Bonn, Giorgio Scala was there and took the shots that captured that historical moment.

In 1992, Giorgio moved  to East Africa for 10 years, living mostly on the savannah.

Once back in Italy, at the dawn of the digital photo era,  he rented a  Kodak camera and shot the Sette Colli trophy as well as Roma Sincro. In 2004, he was named official photographer of LEN (European Swimming Federation) and in 2008 official photographer of FINA (International Swimming Federation), official photographer, covering the Beijing Olympic Games. Meanwhile, he launched Deepblueeye, later called Deepbluemedia. Today, Giorgio Scala is considered an icon of aquatic photography and the management of big sports events.  His photos are exhibited in the International Swimming Hall of Fame, alongside the all-time giants of sports photography. When he’s not poolside, he organizes photographic trips, teaches communication skills, and works to safeguard the environment, trying to make sports more sustainable.

Lucianna Salvemini

Lucianna Salvemini  started her career on the editorial board of a sports newspaper, then she became  manager of a ‘culture and social’ agency, an on assignment, she followed the shooting of Traviata by oscar-winning director Franco Zeffirelli at the Teatro dell’Opera of Rome. In 2009, as she worked in the pressroom of the FINA World Aquatics Championships in Rome, she met  Giorgio Scala, and since then she’s worked for DBM as Social Media Manager, Digital Strategist, Journalist, and Press Office Manager.

Rita Pannunzi

Rita Pannunzi began her career in synchronized swimming, first as athlete and, then, as a coach.  In 2011, when she accidentally dropped and broke a camera lens, she called Giorgio Scala for a tip on how to fix it. A few weeks later, she was shooting from  poolside. Since then, she’s worked for DBM, taking care of post-production, sales, management, and image storage.

Pasquale Francesco Mesiano

Pasquale Francesco Mesiano began his career as a surveyor and architecture student.  He  met Giorgio Scala in 2009 at the FINA World Aquatics  Championships of Rome and became increasingly interested in photography. He attended Giorgio Scala’s classes, and a few years later began working at DBM as photographer, specializing in post-production, sales, and sports events management.

Giovanni Pasquino

Apprentice photographer, Graphic Designer

The DBM family

Andrea Staccioli


At DBM since 2008

Giorgio Perottino


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Guido Barbagelata


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Dario Cataldi

Digital & Web

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Federica Muccichini

Photo Editor, Photographer

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Michele Benedetti

Social Media Consulent

Antonella Correale

Videomaker – Animator – Graphic Designer – Illustrator

Alessio Felicioni

Filmmaker – Video editor

Erika Ferraioli


Anikò Kovàcs

Social Media Consulent

Christina Marmet

Social Media Team – Artistic Swimming Advisor

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Photoexpress Group

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Customer Service – Photographer

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