Champions of Glasgow

Scotland | 2019

Our role

Social-media management. Photo. Video.

Our client


Our mission

Bring the European Championships live to the smartphone screen through video, photo, posts.

A Challenge against space and time.

When we were offered and accepted the challenge of Glasgow 2018, we knew we would have to call on our superpowers, that is, our ability to be in more than one place at one time.
We were asked to shoot and share in real-time on social media, to transmit different events from different sectors, everything taking place in different places simultaneously

"The European Swimming Championships are one of the most ambitious challenges anyone can take on. Even for those who are there to capture and share it. "

As usual when we take on great and complex projects, we began with a detailed and complete preliminary analysis. We studied the calendar and calculated how much staff we would need for each team. All venues had to be covered by at least one photographer, who would then send his results to the Social Media Manager in real-time. We also needed at least two videographers to move from pool to pool, depending on the importance of the competition. We also needed to create the perfect editorial plan, to make sure that we shared all our content simultaneously.

"We didn’t just want to share the events.
We wanted to share the emotions of everyone there."

The management of such a huge event was in itself a great challenge. The conditions in Glasgow were difficult, not only because of constant movement from one venue to another, but, too, the internet connections were inconsistent. To make this a success we really needed to draw on all our flexibility and our team of highly-specialized professionals. We had to coordinate everything we did with geometric precision.

A record worth gold.

It was one of the most successful events of our company. We produced a series of galleries, videos and posts that displays the beauty of the European Championship from every angle. We caught the emotions of the athletes and the audience, the tears and celebrations, the pools and the locker rooms, the stands, the podiums and the award ceremonies. And we did this using integrated social media management to present the European Championships, going far beyond just the races broadcast on TV. We created a parallel digital event that engaged and excited fans and audiences from every part of the planet.

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