Happy Baby Calling

Lignano Sabbiadoro | 2019


Full video and photo coverage, live streaming and post-event reportage.


Habawaba, Waterpolo Development.


To capture the joy of children playing in the water.

The mini big challenge.

HabaWaba, acronym for ‘Happy Baby Water Ball’, is a yearly competition inspired by the exuberance of children playing in the water. And that’s what we wanted to portray. We were not after the races, nor the podiums nor the medals as such, but we wanted to show the real emotions of these happy little athletes. Certainly, Habawaba is an official competition of mini water polo, but the challenges in photographing it were everything but little. First of all, the championship involved 200 teams or so, with an average of 12 athletes and two trainers for each team. That’s already a lot of people to follow and to shoot at the same time. Furthermore, the competition lasted 2 weeks, with matches all day, from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. To handle such complexity, we engaged photographers who were able to work systematically and shoot a quantity of best-quality photographs, careful to give their attention all teams in the competition. We also made sure they had a secure storage system, able to handle the high number of photographs arriving from different photographers, and at the same time we monitored their work-flow in order to tell them which team had been captured enough and which needed more attention.

Technical issues added another level of complexity to the work. The Bella Italia EFA Village, where the event took place, lacked any connection to the internet, and also had no cellular (telephone) signal. We had no satellite dish and we had not done a pre-event test because of the short notice we were given. We had received the assignment only the day before the event. For any other group, there would be no way forward. But we combined our flexibility, spirit of adaptation and creativity in problem solving, so that in the end we were able to react effectively to figure out most situations and to provide one of our best products ever.

The result.

After our first edition of the Habawaba, we became the group to turn to for photographing and live-streaming any event from Waterpolo Development. This was important recognition of our excellent work, a reward for our efforts, our commitment, and our versatility.

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