Northern dream

Norway 2019


Travel organization & photography lessons in the field.


Six students, eager and  adventuresome, who want to learn photography techniques.


Capturing the ultimate challenge of nature photography: the Northern Lights.

The frozen challenge

How do you teach six novice photography students to photograph the Northern Lights? You take them straight on the spot, of course. But when you want to take the perfect picture in the middle of a frozen landscape 4,000 miles away, you need to focus on your objective
way before the departure date; you’ll need much more than a good camera to reach your goal.

The more challenging the shoot, the earlier the preparation has to start.

Giorgio Scala

First of all, you’ll need a professional preliminary study, including a good look at the calendar, the temperature, hours of darkness, the orientation of the light, an so on. You’ll also need a detailed map of both sky and land, a dedicated group App, a network of local sources you can rely on, and a good internet connection.
That happens to be the easy part.
“It’s -10 degrees, what if my fingers get frozen so that I can’t take the shot?” Then you realize you’ll have to wear under gloves. “How will batteries react in that frigid weather?” They will shut down sooner, so you’ll need back-up batteries. Once you’ve over-thought everything and anything that could come up, you’re ready to go. Don’t forget the need for flawless organization in the field, especially a well-trained technical team, able to face some of the most challenging weather conditions on the planet and still make sure that everything goes according to plan. In this case, Northern Lights appear when they appear and they cannot be predicted accurately. You have be patient and try to understand the signs that might be the signal for their arrival. It takes months of preparation, just for that single moment. When it comes, you just hold your breath and take the shot.

The Sparkling Results

These six amateurs on their first photography trip shot some of the best pictures of the Northern Lights. They took hundreds of inspired. natural photographs as they waited for the Aurora, a series of amazingly beautiful landscapes, dazzling our eyes and captured photographically.

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